Bogor – The City of Rain

Bogor is a satellite city of Jakarta. Located about 60 km from Jakarta, Bogor has become favorite weekend destination for residents of Jakarta. The most visited destination in Bogor region is called Puncak, which literally mean ‘summit’. It is actually Mount Gede Pangrango and very interesting to visit except on the weekend or any big holiday. The traffic jam would be unbearable on weekend, and you’ll spend half a day just to get to the destination.

Surrounded by mountains makes Bogor has high amount of rain per year, making this place the wettest place in Indonesia, thus the nickname: City of Rain. In rainy season, rain would last from afternoon till evening, everyday. Leaving a clean fresh air in the morning. In colonial time, Bogor was called Buitenzorg which mean ‘without worry’. This place was known to people as a place with clean fresh air where you can rest peacefully. That was probably the reason why Presidential Palace was built here.

So, what best thing to do in Bogor? Here Travelicious give you ideas about things to do in Bogor, the charming city of rain.

Bogor Botanical Garden

Bogor Botanical Garden, the pride of Bogor. It covers of 87 hectares in the city center and has more than 13.000 species of plants. Bogor Botanical Garden is a place for research and also a favorite destinations in Bogor. They have water garden, mexican garden, medicinal garden, orchid house, etc. The most famous collection of Bogor Botanical Garden is Amorphophallus titanium, a flowering plant with biggest inflorescence in the world. But this plant only bloom every two or three years. You can take a stroll in this garden and enjoy its green lush. It is a big garden, but you can rent a bicycle if you like. You can pack a lunch and have picnic under those big trees or sit by the water garden and have a good view of Bogor Presidential Palace. There are also Zoology Museum integrated with the garden.

Inside the orchid house in Bogor Botanical Garden

If you bored, you can always get out and watch some movie or shop in Botani Square Mall just across Bogor Botanical Garden. Bogor Botanical Garden also have a restaurant inside it called ‘Dedaunan’. But there are more choice of foods in the mall. There are small cafe called ‘Taman Koleksi’ in the front part of Bogor Botanical Garden which have selections of Indonesian coffee and health drink (Jamu), and their salmon baked rice is super delicious.

Highland Park Resort

Are you looking for unique place to stay? Highland Park Resort offers a unique sensations of living inside Mongolian camp. Afraid not, it’s not like you have to build your own camp and feel miserable; this camp is super luxurious rooms separated with each other. They have air conditioning, TV, and bathroom inside. There are also new Apache camp and tree house for rent.

HIghland Park Resort, an unique palce to stay in Bogor

The facilities at Highland Park resorts including flying fox, mini golf, swimming pool, karaoke, spa, and restaurant. The area is completed with Mount Salak as background. The location of Highland Park Resort is close to Nangka waterfall and about one hour from Bogor City center. For further information, you can visit their website.

Mekarsari Fruit Garden

Mekarsari Fruit Garden is the biggest fruit related tourism. Covered of 264 ha, Mekarsari have around 1.470 variety of fruits. The concept of this garden is conservation, education, and recreation. Here, you can pick the fruits yourself and you can go around the garden to learn about fruits with tourist cart or bicycle. There are several unique hybrid fruits and rare flora in Mekarsari.

Water Kingdom at Mekarsari, a new fun water park

Mekarsari also have outbond area and water games fro kids. To complete your experience, Mekarsari have new waterpark called water kingdom which is the biggest waterpark in Asia. It have Lazy River, Boomerang slides, and many more.

The Jungle Water Adventure

Jungle Water Adventure is the best water park in Bogor. You can enjoy various slides and pools here with the background of Mount Gede Pangrango. They have Kiddie pool, Wave pool, Slide pool, Hot water pool, Racer slide, and Tube Slide which 100 m in length. There are also leisure poll where you can relax while have something to eat from food court located in the middle of this pool.

Kids will have a blast here. In Fountain Futsal area, children can play football with water splashing from under. There are also 4D cinema there. Avoid to come here on weekend or major holiday since this water park can be too crowded.

Cilember Waterfalls

Cilember waterfalls are located in Puncak, Bogor around 1.5 hour from Bogor City. Cilember waterfalls has seven waterfalls. The seventh is the easiest to reach and you have to hike higher to reach the number one waterfall. Of course, it is mean that waterfall number seven is the one most crowded. The waterfalls are different in height and width, but they are all beautiful and really worth the hike. The hike itself is already made easy by pavements, with green lush surrounding you. But still, to reach waterfall number one, is quite tiring. It is better to camp at waterfall number six or five firdt before continue the hike to reach the number one.

Gunung Mas Tea Plantation

On the foot of Mount Gede Pangrango, there are a vast tea plantation where you can stay in and enjoy the cool fresh air. They have cafe where you can enjoy various kind of tea, like white tea, green tea, or many flavored black tea. A cup of tea in the cold mountain air is very relaxing. Gunung Mas also have cottage to rent. In the morning, you can see people working, picking the tea leaf. And you can see the factory and see the processing of tea leaves and learn the difference between green tea and black tea. You can buy the top notch quality tea with considerably cheaper price here. Afraid not to be bored, Gunung Mas located in ‘Puncak’ area where there are a lot of places nearby you can go to.

Taman Safari Indonesia

The first Safari Park in Indonesia, located at Puncak, Bogor, is Taman Safari Indonesia. There are about 2.500 species of fauna living in this Park. You can go with car into big enclosures for big animals like bear, tiger, ox, giraffe, and many more. There are also Baby Zoo where you can pet and take picture together with baby animals. That baby tiger will melt your heart with its cuteness.

Don’t miss the animal shows while you’re there. They have shows with Sumatran Tiger where they show the might of this big cat, their ability to climb, jump, and play. There are also a show with dolphins, seals, and with big birds. Taman Safari Indonesia also have an amusement park with rides and haunted house to complete your excitement. You can spend one full day here and sill want to spend some more. Taman Safari has hotels where you can stay.

What’s unique at Taman Safari Indonesia, Bogor is you can swim and play with dolphins. Those amazing sea mammals are trained and tamed, and you can have private time with them. They have this big glass wall where they are ready to take your picture while you’re playing with the dolphins. For having this experience, you have to reserve beforehand and pay extra.

Taman Safari is still the best place you can visit in Bogor. Don’t forget to buy some souvenirs because the profit from souvenir sales are used for keeping the animals happy and healthy.